When E-Learning meets Analytics

The world is moving at a rapid pace and it is imperative for organizations to move in parallel with the advancements in the latest technologies to stay relevant in this era. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring a continuous learning culture in your organization. This will train your employees to keep them up to speed with the world. A powerful LMS can achieve this effortlessly and effectively. It carves out an entire ecosystem of learning in your organization that has the capability to engage your employees with the training process. But as a course creator, you are left to ponder various questions like -

How do I know that the employees like the course I created? How much time are they spending on each course? Is the course too tough or too easy?

A simple LMS might not help you get answers to these questions or any questions for that matter. But an advanced LMS like KloudLearn can answer them.

KloudLearn not only tracks the performance of every course, but it digs deeper and tracks the performance of every individual learner in your organization, through its powerful analytics engine.

There are myriads of benefits of having a well-defined analytics process in your LMS. Here are some of them -

Gauge the performance of the learners

The most obvious benefit of analytics in an LMS is the ability you to have understand how the learners are performing. Consider a situation. You are looking for an individual to lead your digital marketing team. Apart from being well-versed with the core concepts, you also want to test their consistency and their dedication towards the field. What do you do?

Just create a course on digital marketing and track how each individual user has been performing on that course through their scores in various assessments, the time spent on the course, how they have fared in terms of other learners, and so on. A user-friendly analytics dashboard in KloudLearn displays these metrics for you to get a holistic view of the performance.

When you are tracking a user during the middle of their learning journey, you can also easily predict how they will perform in the coming days of the course. This in turn will help you to understand whether the learner will be able to complete the course by himself or he needs additional support in the form of additional materials or tutoring. The performance of your learners will spike up once you analyze this.

Create a Personalized Learning Experience

Use the data you have collected to create a personalized learning experience for every learner in your organization. In an LMS like KloudLearn, you can get very insightful information about the time spent on every course by the user. This is quite useful data to personalize the person’s next course engaging him/her even further with the learning process.

Say, for example, your learner is finishing a course in a time span that is much lower than the average time taken to complete it. This means he/she has significant knowledge in this field and you can recommend advanced courses to this learner. You can also create additional courses on modules that the learner is spending maximum time on, ultimately making them an expert in that field.

Always remember — No two learners are the same and no two learning experiences should be the same. Make a course personalized for every individual learner to make them feel important and engage further with your course. And this is possible only through analytics.

Improve the completion rates of a course

Are you plagued by low course completion rates in your organization? An LMS like KloudLearn can reverse this trend through analytics. As we had previously discussed, through the data that you collect, you can create a personalized course for the learner and also provide assistance to them in case they are finding it quite challenging to complete it. When this happens, the learners are automatically motivated to continue and complete the course and also their performance improves drastically. All these will ultimately improve the completion rates of all the courses that you have created.

Wrapping Up

In today’s world, data is gold and you can achieve significant results by collecting data and taking adequate actions based on it. The benefits of analytics have trickled down to every industry including the e-learning industry. LMS like KloudLearn has realized the potential of analytics and have incorporated a powerful analytics engine in their system. All the collected data by KloudLearn, both at the course level and user level are displayed to you in a comprehensive dashboard.

To know more about the Analytics feature of KloudLearn, do reach out to us by clicking here




An AI powered, Personal Learning Cloud that provides a better way to develop, measure and improve your team’s skills.

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An AI powered, Personal Learning Cloud that provides a better way to develop, measure and improve your team’s skills.

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