Top 5 reasons to opt for an LMS with its own mobile app

Mobile apps are unignorable nowadays. They have revolutionized the way we work, learn, organize, socialize, and entertain ourselves. That’s why the usage of mobile apps is growing exponentially.

As in the first quarter of 2020, there have been 33.6 billion app downloads. It is expected to reach 258 billion by 2022. With so many people using mobile apps, it’s only natural that companies seek an LMS with its own mobile app to train employees.

A Learning Management System like KloudLearn with its own mobile app offers a host of advantages. In this blog post, we will find out the top 5 reasons why you should opt for an LMS with its own mobile app.

1. Enables your employees to access courses anytime, anywhere!

One of the top advantages of an LMS with its own mobile app is it offers access to learning material anytime, anywhere. All your employees need is a mobile device. They can read the course materials while sitting at a park, taking a stroll, traveling on the train, working out in a gym, or even while waiting for a bus to arrive.

Before a mobile learning app came into the picture, employees were expected to access the LMS through their desktop computers or laptops while they were in the office or at home. This limits the learning time.

Whereas, with a mobile learning app, the story is different. Since mobile phones are always handy, your employees will find it easy to learn new things even during the weekends or while they are on the move. Also, a mobile learning app enables your employees to access the content even without an internet connection. As competition is fierce among businesses, companies want their employers to stay productive and informed at all times. An LMS with a mobile app makes this possible and effortless too.

2. Provides access to updated content always

With rapid technological changes, it has become imperative for industries and organizations to adapt to the new transformations and stay up-to-date. Usually, an LMS tool uses the cloud to store training content. This means an authorized person can update the content anytime.

When your LMS is armed with a mobile learning app, your employees will get immediate access to the updated learning materials with the latest information. So you no longer have to worry about keeping your employees up-to-date or ensuring everyone is on the same page. Thanks to cloud-based LMS, you can update your training modules anytime. And thanks to mobile learning apps, your employers will have access to updated learning materials at all times.

3. Bite-sized content for better engagement and knowledge retention

An LMS with its own mobile app offers content in an interactive and compelling manner so that learners get hooked to the training materials. Plus, it also ensures the learners can remember and recall the information whenever needed. The learning modules incorporate multimedia elements like video, audio, and images to enhance the engagement of the employees. When there are multiple interactive elements available in the learning modules, your employees will naturally pay more attention to the materials.

Besides, with mobile learning apps, long and boring content will become a thing of the past. Using LMS to deliver long hours of training doesn’t work on mobile apps. Your employees will seek content in short bursts. And an LMS with its own mobile app makes this possible by offering bite-sized learning. Bite-sized learning or microlearning is an efficient way to ensure your employees are more engaged and absorb and retain maximum information.

4. Offers quick navigation with a user-friendly interface

Mobile learning apps like KloudLearn comes with a user-friendly interface and promises quick navigation, making it super easy for your employees to access their training modules. And this app seamlessly adapts to different screen sizes letting you learn in any mobile device of your choice. Combine that with a legible font style, you get a learning app that makes reading content easier even while you are on the move.

5. Promises higher course completion rates in a short duration

Making sure your employees complete the training is a challenging task. One of the proven ways to get higher course completion rates in lesser duration of time is by letting them learn through an app.

A case study conducted by Merrill Lynch reveals that people who learned courses using mobile phones had a 12% higher completion rate than those who used a laptop. The study also mentions that learners completed the training in 30% shorter amount of time. It’s because mobile learners tend to spend 40 minutes more each week by studying wherever they go and whatever they do.

Wrapping up

From easy accessibility and enhanced knowledge retention to increased employee engagement and faster course completion, an LMS with its own mobile app provides a variety of advantages to businesses big and small.

Taking these factors into consideration, Kloudlearn offers a mobile learning app loaded with exciting features. To know more about our mobile learning app, get in touch with us now by clicking here.



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