KloudLearn announces Zoom Support

Today, e-learning has become an integral part of every training strategy in an organization. This is true especially after the onset of COVID-19 when most of the world has shifted to a remote working environment. However, in an e-learning ecosystem, most trainers and learners miss the live interaction that they enjoy in a traditional classroom environment. Thus, the need of the hour was a learning ecosystem that can blend the best of both worlds.

This is where an LMS with video-conferencing support can turn into a boon for such trainers and learners. And to cater to such an audience, KloudLearn has announced the launch of Zoom integration with its Learning Management System. This amalgamation has been designed in a way that helps the stakeholders to create, edit, and join a video-conferencing session effortlessly even for beginner users.

The best part is the integration works so seamlessly that all your meetings are synchronized perfectly between KloudLearn and Zoom and you can easily access your meeting from either of these platforms.

To help our customers, we have incorporated the below features to enhance your experience with us. This is on top of the existing features of both Zoom and KloudLearn that you have enjoyed over the years.

Schedule or start your meeting in minutes

A screenshot of the platform depicting how simple it is to schedule a meeting

Advanced Features

A screenshot showing the advanced features available to you in KloudLearn

Record the meeting

A screenshot showing the option to upload your recording in a meeting

Get a bird’s eye view of all your meetings

A screenshot showing the calendar in KloudLearn

All your learners are notified of the meetings

A screenshot that a live meeting is going in the group feed

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