How do you decide the LMS for your business

Start by identifying the audience, use cases and objectives for a platform

  • Are you planning to train your employees, Sales teams, tech teams or provide customer training?
  • On-board new employees
  • Train our Sales teams
  • Train our new tech recruits on technologies that are pertinent for our company
  • Provide an easy platform that encourages learning
  • Self certification of knowledge base of material that has been assigned to users
  • A platform that allows easy creation of content — for example every screenshare meeting is available as a video that could be used for training

Write down the features that you really need.

  • Do you need the ability to create content through screen sharing and video recording i.e. train learners online and re-use the videos in other courses
  • How important is ease of use for you? Not all legacy platforms that exist today are simple to use and this is an important consideration.
  • Built in courses — Is it important for you to have built in courses? If so what subjects should the courses address?
  • Analytics — What is the level of analytics that you need and the granularity?
  • Content Delivery and Tracking: Includes Self-led, Instructor-led, web-based collaboration and tracking of completion for compliance


Making a decision

Avoid making mistakes




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