Creating a successful customer service training program — 2021

Customer service plays an important role in every organization’s growth. Nowadays customer service has touched people to a great extent where people evaluate the entire brand experience and not just the quality of the actual product. A study by Forbes confirms this — 84% of companies who focused on improving brand experience have seen better revenues.

Customer care is one of the few departments in an organization that interact with customer and probably the only one that that has customer interaction after the purchase is complete. A company with good customer service will be able to develop an excellent brand identity.

In the past, customer service acted as the last line of defense to handle angry customers. Today, it is a part of brand strategy to ensure no customers get angry in the first place. The only way to achieve this is to train your customer service team by investing in the customer service training program.

How to create a great customer service training program?

Understand your customers

  • How would the customer like to interact with the brand?
  • What does a customer think about your brand?
  • What experience are your customers expecting from your band?

Most of these data would be readily available within the organization. By studying and understanding these data, an organization can create a customer service training course that would help the team to interact with customers in a meaningful way.

Find the blind spots

The balance between different training methods

The customer service training should have different training models that fulfill formal, experimental, and social learning. 70:20:10 framework is one of the best to follow for this. In this framework, experimental learning should be given more importance (70%) followed by social learning (20%) and finally a small part to formal learning (10%). In experimental learning, real-life scenarios and simulations can be used to engage the employee’s emotions. Through this, they would retain more information and apply the knowledge directly. Also, simulations offer instant and unbiased results which show areas to improve. Social learning can be done similarly by grouping multiple employees and making them take the simulation. Formal learning can be in any format or combination of formats like video learning, quizzes, mobile learning, and PDFs.

Keep companies culture in tab

Soft Skills Training

Training Platform

Measure Results

Give Feedback

Customer service has come a long way from just being the back end of the organization to the face of the organization. It is therefore essential to understand the customer’s behavior and learn how to handle situations in a meaningful way. Answering the right questions and developing top-notch content in an effective training platform gives promising results to the organization’s image and its market value. One such training platform is KloudLearn, which offers several innovative features to take your customer service training program effective. To know more about KloudLearn, contact us today.

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