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What are Assessments?

What assessment features are supported by KloudLearn?

Grading Station

  • Navigate to the Assessment section in your KloudLearn dashboard.
  • Click on the grading station button on this page to view the grading station section.

Assessment Summary

Multiple Quiz Types

  • MCQs — Arguably the most common type of question found across any testing platform. In this type of test, the learner has to select one or more options as the answer from multiple choices.
  • Video Response Question — This type of question requires a video recording response. This is quite useful when you’re training sales professionals and you are testing their sales pitch capabilities.
  • Text Questions: This type of question requires a free form text box response. This can be used when you want to evaluate your learners with a question that doesn’t have a predefined answer and you don’t want it to be a multiple-choice quiz.
  • Navigate to the Assets section in your KloudLearn dashboard
  • Click on Add a new asset and choose Quiz as your option. You will be taken to the quiz creator tool.
  • In the Create Quiz section, enter your questions along with the options by placing each of them in an individual line.
  1. To mark an answer as the right answer, follow the answer with an asterisk
  2. To add a video response question in a quiz, add # after a question followed by pressing two enter button to go to the next question.
  3. To add a text question in a quiz, just type the question without an answer. Then move on to the next question by pressing the Enter button twice.
  • Create a new course
  • Add your created Quiz as an Asset to the course

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