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Human capital is the single most valuable asset for any successful company. When it comes to building a strong organization, picking the right talent is a crucial part of this process. Every organization would want to pick the top talent to keep their growth consistent, but most of them lack the right methodologies to do this. Here we explore various ways in which a company can attract top talent.

Advertise, Advertise, and Advertise!

Social Media has always been a potent tool to know about a person and their interests. But in recent years, it has played a significant role in the hiring process. Advertising about recruitment on platforms like LinkedIn increases your search to a wide set of audiences with minimal or no investment. This technique can also be used to build a solid database of potential candidates for future requirements.

Advertise your organization’s culture, talent’s needs, skills, and attitudes as it relates to your brand. The story of your organization’s success will always be motivational and uplifting to everyone. Advertising about the values and practices of your organization along with the various heights it was able to reach in its tenure should be intelligently correlated with recruitment needs. This amalgamation would certainly draw many talented candidates towards your organization. It would also serve as a good branding exercise for your organization.

Similarly, making the workplace comfortable for employees is a key part of organizational success. Even simple plus points like diversity in employees, your play area, preference for casual attire should be realistically captured and advertised to candidates to help them realize the positive work culture of your organization. By posting all these on social platforms, you can move one step closer to attracting top talents to your organization.

Understand the value proposition the talents are looking for

Apart from providing value propositions like motivation and retirement policy, organizations should also know what it is that the candidates need right now. You should strategize on how you can make them avail it by joining your organization.

For example, consider two competitors — ABC and XYZ, both organizations are making good profits and are looking to expand their digital marketing team. The recruitment team in both the organization are hunting for someone with good digital marketing skills. Akhil, a senior digital marketer, who has been in the industry for 10 years applies to both organizations.

Both the companies select Akhil due to his skillset and offer very similar salaries and perks. But Akhil chose XYZ only because they offered additional insurance coverage for his entire family as they had found out that he had aging parents and this would do him a world of good.

Use your employees as brand ambassadors for hiring

No one knows your company better than your employees. So, advertising and promoting the organization by having your employees as the face of the company would build trust both ways. Candidates will understand your work culture and the importance your company gives to its existing employees. It will also show the pride and motivation that your existing employees have by joining your organization.

Clearly communicate what you expect

Healthy and strong communication can do wonders. It is important to communicate clearly what your organization is looking for in the candidate. To do this, ensure that the job description is clear and in lucid language.

Show them that you value work-life balance

Everyone craves a healthy work-life balance. No salary that you offer can buy your employees health and happiness. Elaborate on the steps that your organization has taken to give the employees a wonderful work-life balance. Make this a key point for attracting top talent.

Develop engaging new experiences for your top talents

This is more of an after-hiring process. Employees face fatigue and boredom when they are asked to perform repetitive tasks. To make the employees active, the organization should make them collaborate with other teams which might bring about a variety in their everyday life. Doing so also gives a new experience to employees and makes them more productive and proactive. This will serve as a positive word of mouth about your organization to the rest of the world.

Final Thoughts

Remember the mantra- innovation is required to sustain and move forward. And to attain effective innovation in the market, you need the assistance of top talents. With the market growing fast, it is an arduous task to acquire top talent as every other organization is looking for the same. But it is not impossible with the right set of methods. It all starts with understanding the candidate’s needs and advertising rampantly about your organization.

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