6 Strategies for Implementing Blended Learning in Corporate Training

Today, businesses face several challenges concerning training such as high training costs, irregular access to training content, or logistic issues with traditional learning methodologies. However, blended learning helps you overcome all these pitfalls by leveraging the best of both worlds of the classroom and online learning methodologies. 70% of learners also claim that blended learning results in high information retention rates. Therefore, for critical corporate learning activities, you can implement a blended learning strategy to enhance training effectiveness

These six strategies will make an enormous difference in corporate training by boosting your employee’s engagement and performance. Blended learning is a crucial tool to access the best of both the worlds of formal and informal learning. It is bidirectional. In simple terms, it involves pushing and pulling the information by adding supplementary learning modalities into the learning process.

Traditional learning, on the other hand, focuses only on formal learning. Formal learning tends to lower your employees’ productivity and performance by providing information that is not relevant to your employees. According to 70:20:10 learning model, 70% of the learning is experiential, 20% is social, and only 10% is formal. In simple terms, learners tend to learn more through social interactions and significantly less through formal learning.

Blended learning included formal learning, followed by social learning and other engaging learning activities to create more structured and richer learning experiences.

With the blended learning approach, corporate training is more accessible and executable. It provides an excellent opportunity for learners to access learning resources anytime and anywhere.

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